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The Bibbonian population date back to the Etruscan era. Recent studies reveal that the sacred road that runs next to the farmhouse now called “Via Vecchia Bolgherese”. Once upon a time exploited for the extraction of tophus rock when excavated the cavities were used as tombs. Then considered as a necropolis now named “Necropoli del Palazzino”.

As time passed the tombs were pillaged and some of them crumbled and what remained were small caves, used as tool sheds and animal shelters.

In the centuries that followed the sacred road was converted into a main road for trading purposes. Between the Bibbona Castle and Bolgheri and other neighbouring medieval towns. The Bibbona castle established and possessed by the Medici family. An assessment carried out on the castle unearthed that amongst their possessions were 117 items between houses, cottages and shops, dating back to 1574.

Handed the key to Bibbona, Carlo Ginori already the founder of towns like Riparbella and Cecina. With him at the reigns the town incremented and so did its population in 1671 after having reclaimed the houses within the castle confines. Fours new homes were built: Sorbizi, Casa al Vento, Gatto e Poderino.

Bibbona’s perfect positioning, rendering it easy for a tourist to visit nearby cities in the Tuscan region. Florence and Siena an hours drive, at 50km (30miles) San Gimignano and Pisa furthermore the town of Piombino, where every 30 minutes there is a ferry to Elba and the Tuscan Archipelago.

Bibbona, besides one of the wine and food route stopovers, take pleasant drives along a road that winds and twirls capriciously amongst the splendour of green countryside and the nearby medieval villages.

Agriturismo Il Poderino | Bibbona (LI) | esterno casolare
Agriturismo Il Poderino | Bibbona (LI) | esterno casolare
Agriturismo Il Poderino | Bibbona (LI) | esterno casolare
Biolago Agriturismo Il Poderino | Biolake Farmhouse Il Poderino | Biosee Bauernhaus Il Poderino
Agriturismo Il Poderino | Bibbona (LI) | Esterno zona ristoro
Agriturismo Il Poderino | Bibbona (LI) | esterno casolare